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About Island Cove
Building and Development

ICB&D is passionate about the details. Our business is to develop and build construction projects, delivered on time and on budget and we take great pride and pleasure in what we do. We give 110% to every detail, every twist and turn that happens during any construction project. Most importantly, we are totally committed to every customer relationship. We do our best to pay attention, to listen and hear, to notice things that others might miss. Our past lives in the commercial cabinet-making business, with fine lines and tolerances, has paved the way for how we approach everything we do today.

Our Goal

We are convinced that life is short, that what we do matters, that who we are as individuals makes a difference. Our highest goal is to make a difference in the lives of those we contract with, who we invest our hard work, effort, and lives with each day. We are determined to produce the best possible product possible; that we will enjoy every aspect of what we do; and that we will build strong teams during the project that will produce an end result that will make us all proud.

Our Mission

Is to provide the best possible planning, development, and construction for any project we do. Many things are included in this statement, so we take pride in doing our best in every single phase along the way!

Our Reputation

As a premiere residential builder in Maine, we believe that we must always place our best foot forward. Our reputation is a pivotal part of our marketing strategy, but it is paramount to our success in business and in life. Integrity - the word defines our desire to commit to the highest standards in all we do.

Our Personal Guarantee

If you choose to select us as your builder-of-choice, ICB&D, Inc. will guarantee your satisfaction. This may sound like a bold statement, but we expect the best from ourselves, from those with whom we hold subcontracts, and we stand behind our end-product with a guarantee that is second-to-none. We are confident that you will be pleased and satisfied when your project is complete.

We are savoring every moment here down this dirt road.
You created a beautiful home in a lovely spot. Thank you for your professional leadership and generosity all along the way!